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A Little Injury

Day twenty nine of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem in the style of I Remember by Joe Brainard. Another true story.


I remember, when I was about ten,
I remember, I was playing around,
I remember, being in the front yard,
I remember, I had a stick or twig,
I remember, it was clutched in my hand,
I remember, I did not run too fast,
I remember, I did not pay attention,
I remember, the ground was uneven.

I remember, my foot hit something hard,
I remember, how I lost my balance.
I remember, how I fell face first,
I remember, I landed on a step.
I remember, wound was between my eyes,
I remember, getting up to see blood
I remember, blood dripping from the wound,
I remember, it didn’t hurt like I thought.

I remember that Dad was not at home,
I remember, Mom was in the shower.
I remember, neighbors took care of me,
I remember, Mom took me to the Doc.
I remember, I was scared of stitches.
I remember, the Doc said it won’t hurt,
I remember, he said it’s an ant’s bite.
I remember, he wanted my eyes closed.

I remember, I did not flinch at all,
I remember, the Doc thought I was brave.
I remember, the bandage looked like ‘X’
I remember, getting the stitches out.
I remember, because I have the scar,


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