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The Mysterious Lady

Day twenty eight of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a story in the form of a poem. Also the poem should start from the end and then work it’s way to the beginning. Thankfully I have had this story that I’ve been waiting to pen down. This is a true story.


I wonder if she continues to stay there.
I thought she might follow but she didn’t.
I was curious if I’ll see her again.
Woke up at dawn feeling slightly mellow.

I didn’t quite realise when I fell asleep.
I stayed there waiting to see her again.
On the bed, lying flat on my belly,
The warm day and heavy meal was tiring.

I mentioned about her to a close friend.
I didn’t share the tale except over phone,
She was in my  head, through most of the day.
Out of the room, roaming through my hometown.

I heaved a sigh of relief or regret.
She left the room as graceful as ever.
I felt proud of myself,  I’d stood my ground.
I was ecstatic,  I’d conquered my fear,

My gamble paid off, she felt defeated.
I had made up my mind to face my fears,
It can’t be undone, I have to hold fort.
What had I done did I just invite death?

I kept saying “you’re not real” “you’re not real”
Her rage appeared more intense than before.
Her breath was hotter, as if she breathed fire.

She came floating in, her eyes seemed bigger.
Turning around slowly, glaring at me,
To my horror she stopped right at the door.
As loud as I could I said “you’re not real”

This was the time for me to walk the talk.
I’m not superstitious, I’m a skeptic.
This cannot be real I must be dreaming.
This is not real, why should I be so scared.

She was starting to float towards the door,
Completely beaten by this unknown power.
I had surrendered, fighting was pointless.
Despite my attempts, I could hardly move.

Seemed to stun my muscles and vocal cords.
The constant blowing of hot air somehow,
Of what appeared to be like paralysis.
It seemed like her breathing was the true cause.

My whole body seemed to be paralysed,
She continued breathing on my shoulder.
Her eyes appeared intense like burning coal,
She looked like a witch from a fairytale.

More than her looks, t’was the presence she had.
She seemed old but by no means was she weak.
I could see her but not make much of it,
On the floor I could see her reflection.

With great difficulty I crawled to the edge.
I had to do something, I tried to crawl.
Starting to panic, trapped on a mattress
I couldn’t move a muscle, except to breathe.

Trying to figure out what was happening.
I wasn’t able to look up or see,
When I froze like I was in a coma.
It was quite a strong feeling that I had,

Clueless about the night that was to come.
I thought I would fall asleep pretty soon,
I got undressed and went to bed in briefs.
I was tired as hell when I checked in,


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