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Kintsugi Pot

This is a poem that is out of the schedule. It is about my best friend who is a constant inspiration for me.


Picture Courtesy: Style by Asia

Don’t worry about that pain in your head,
It’s the thoughts that are running wild.
Don’t worry about the bulge in your spine,
It proves the fact that you have one.

You may think that you have weak knees,
Cos, you don’t see what they carry.
You may feel like your shoulders droop,
Forgetting those who stood on them.

Don’t hate your hair when it gets frizzy,
Brainwaves are electric in nature.
Don’t hate your cheeks for being chubby,
They make the most heartwarming smile.

Sorry, I reduced you to parts,
Words fall short describing you whole.
Sorry I pointed out your flaws,
Though those were all your own comments.

Don’t bother about naysayers,
They can’t comprehend what you are.
Don’t bother about those heartbreaks,
You’re just like a kintsugi pot.


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