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Day twenty nine of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to take a noun from your favorite poem and write about it. I took a word out of a poem written by my friend. The bringer of light, Also gives us warmth. The one technology, That helped in the wild. It lit up our nights, Helped us […]

The Lost Empire

Day twenty eight of NaPoWriMo. Two more days to go for poetry month. Today’s prompt was to write a Skeltonic verse. A decade ago, When life was slow, I gave a go, At a game, you know. For hours we played, We’d send a raid, Our enemies paid, Teachers were dismayed. History was fun, As […]

Parietal Lobe

Day twenty seven of NaPoWriMo. Today’s challenge is to write about taste.   It was a day when I had the feeling, I should try to eat something new today. I had tried most of the cuisines I could, What was it that I’d had never before? There’s something that I’d avoided before, Maybe now […]

Age of the Ancients

Day twenty six of NaPoWriMo is a challenge to write about an object from a far off perspective. I hope my poem makes sense to the reader in terms of the object and the perspective. After years of rigorous research, Our scholars have uncovered secrets. The strange object with the metal edge, Has hidden in […]

Little Black Box

Day twenty five of NaPoWriMo challenged me to write about a small but meaningful space. In my little cupboard right at the back, There’s a tiny cardboard box that’s black. Covered on top by transparent plastic, You’d see too tiny plastic bags in it. The two tiny bags are transparent too. One contains plastic, the […]

Animal Kingdom Returns

Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo challenges to write a poetry inspired by the marginalia on medieval manuscripts.  Humans have ruled the planet for too long, Changing it in everyway that seemed right, The greed and recklessness was bound to cost, As always, the price will have to be paid. Agriculture was where we started off, […]


Day twenty three of NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a couple of elevenies. I thought, I should write three. Rage, Engulfs you, Burns you up, Brings out destructive urges. Helplessness. Despair, Sinks you, Sucks your energy, Can’t leave your bed, Helplessness. Frustration, Takes hold, You get stuck, No room to manouver, Helplessness.

Concrete Landscape

Day twenty two of NaPoWriMo required me to write a georgic. As I have gotten used to, I thought about twisting the prompt and writing an antithesis of a georgic with hopefully, a satirical feel. Better weapons and a stronger army, Is what every developing country needs. A strong economy enables this, Through a rapid […]

Unheard Conversation

Day twenty one of NaPoWriMo requires me to write about an overheard conversation or a phrase. As the name suggests, I chose to write about something I didn’t hear. I was back from a full-day team outing, Getting to a night time half marathon. I stopped for a snack at a fast food joint. One […]

A Tale of Three

Day twenty of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write about a sport or a game. I decided to write about something simple. The oldest of the three is formidable, A synonym for strength and sturdiness, It can withstand immense pressure at times, This dangerous weapon is found in nature. The second of three may appear […]