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A recipe for disater

Day two of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write something based on a recipe for something real or imaginary. Taking into account the prevailing political climate worldwide, I thought I’ll write about the recipe that pushes people to fear or hate each other.

RW Stars

Take a functioning democracy,
Find an aggressive and divisive leader.
Make sure they’re from the community,
That form the majority of the country.

Build a climate of hate and prejudice,
Make the majority look like victims.
Paint the state as an oppressor,
letting minorities step on their toes.

Light this flame of hate and let it simmer,
Keep pointing out the state’s failings,
Exaggerate or even make up stories.
Make friends in media and in business.

Invest in PR, build a persona,
Showcasing a fighter who’ll set things right.
A proud champion of the majority,
Who won’t pander to the whims of others.

Add nationalism and traditional values,
Lamenting on how times are changing.
Promote religion and conservative ideals,
A promise bringing back the old glorious days.

Attack opponents with passion and rage,
So that, the attitude permeates your followers.
Ignore the critics or keep attacking them,
Keep speaking up for the majority.

When election comes you may win,
If you don’t you need to persist.
Even in victory your job isn’t done,
To consolidate power there’s more to do.

Appoint loyalists in every position,
Act against those who were against you.
Enact laws to grab more power,
Use your influence to rise beyond question.

Put positive stories out in the media,
Dismiss all concerns that come your way.
Keep speaking to your supporters,
Critics and opponent don’t matter anymore.

Keep attacking even when you’re questioned,
Don’t apologize even when you’re wrong.
Blame it on the media, or your opponents,
Who are trying to take vengeance for your good deeds.

Shower praise on people and the new regime,
Also keep praising all the armed forces.
This will ensure your authority over patriotism,
Providing a shield to be used at your critics.

With the constant use of your resources,
Namely money, media, and influence,
Along with your ardent supporters,
You have now secured a fascist republic.


One comment on “A recipe for disater

  1. What a disater indeed !
    Sounds familiar…

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