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Uninvited Guest

Day three of NaPoWriMo is to write an elegy. I thought I could write something based on an epitaph that I wrote years ago.


The human world has been at war with her.
She was following her maternal instincts,
She didn’t harbor any murderous blood lust.

Maneuvering through obstacle laden paths,
Dodging machines spewing out toxic fumes,
Risking her very life at every step,
Her goal in sight, her life still in danger.

All that she wanted was less than a drop,
Despite all the grave dangers that she faced.
For the sake of her future generations,
What looked like certain death did not stop her.

Using her stealth she got close to her goal,
Someone millions of times bigger than her.
Hovering around seeking a place to land,
The song of her wings, giving her away.

Last thing she felt was a wind from behind,
Crushed in an instant, she didn’t stand a chance.
The cold hard floor welcomed her lifeless corpse.
Her dreams and struggles, now long forgotten.


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