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A day at the beach

Day five of NaPoWriMo is to write about something based in the natural world. Out of everything I’ve ever seen, it is the beach that always moves me and helps me find peace.


I still remember the first time I saw,
The place where land ends and ocean begins.
I knew from books that water covered earth,
Seeing it in person was quite breathtaking.

Tranquil waters as far as I could see,
Gentle waves kept caressing the shoreline,
As I kept walking on the soft warm sand,
Cautiously edging towards the water.

The waves that were gliding over my feet,
Were taking away sand on their way back.
Elders cautioned about going in deep,
While older boys were seen battling the waves.

I never refused a trip to the beach,
Wading through the waves with no swimming skills.
Ducking under some waves when things were calm,
Taking in a bit of salty water.

Now I’m living in a landlocked city,
At least seven hours from the nearest beach.
My numerous plans of heading to a coast,
Stay unfulfilled due to procrastination.


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