A Rainy Day

Day six of NaPoWriMo is to write about something from different perspectives. I choose to write about the rain because people have a lot of different perspectives on rain.


A cool breeze and a light spray on your face,
Taking away the heat of the evening.
A mug of hot coffee nestled in hand.
There’s hardly a feeling better than that.

When playing a game of football with your friends,
Onset of wet weather is a relief.
As it cools you down, you step up your game.
It’s not a chance that you would often get.

Weaving through traffic on a busy road,
You’re forced to turn on your windshield wipers.
You try to discern what’s lying ahead.
As the vehicles slow down and sometimes stop.

Heading back home after a long days work,
A sudden downpour catches you off guard.
You try to keep your phone and wallet safe,
Evading puddles that could ruin your shoes.

The initial joy of seeing a drizzle,
Turns to concern when you have to debus.
You realize you’re trapped and look for shelter,
And the shortest way for you to get there.

A rude awakening from your mid day nap,
You’re wet and your coat is starting to stink.
Possible shelters filled up by people,
Even wagging your tail, won’t help you here.


3 comments on “A Rainy Day

  1. Ha ha…i was going to include the wipers too. Nice take on the rain.

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