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Day seven of NaPoWriMo is to write about luck and fortuitousness. I’m not a believer in luck, destiny, fate etc. I do believe that every action you take may lead you on a different path. At least some actions. I thought I should write about that.


A spinning coin captured by a no good photographer.

One thing often leads to another,
The person that I am today,
Wouldn’t be the same without my friends.
The city that I moved into,
The jobs that I chose,
The people I met.

Most of my friends are from an online group,
I attended a physical meeting when I wasn’t a member.
A seemingly random meetup that I attended on a whim,
Is how I met most of my friends today.
It also changed my worldview,
I learned about a lot,
I found my tribe by accident.

It was probably under the influence of my enthusiastic best friend,
Her example of seizing every opportunity inspires me even now.
I decided to attend the meeting, though I was late.
Also my boss who was not in office allowed me to leave a bit early.
It helped that I was following the events happening at that venue,
Else I would not have got wind of such a thing happening at all.

I met my best friend while working in my first company.
I stayed longer there than I intended to stay,
Joining there was a career mistake for my friend.
If not for these factors I may not have ever met her.

It was only weeks into the new city,
When I heard about a big firm hiring.
A few of my friends were scared to try,
I went ahead with nothing to lose.
Within a few weeks I had a job,
At one of the biggest firms in the country.

A bunch of my friends were leaving town,
Moving to the city looking for a job.
I had my brother living in that city,
It made sense for me to join their quest.

Right after the rush of graduation,
When I was planning to look for work.
I met a friend who told me about MBA,
The public institute was affordable,
They selected based on tests and interviews.
I wouldn’t have to depend on my poor grades,
So I thought I could give it a go.

The chain of events that takes us to present,
Is really long and erratic at times.
Life changing events are seen only in retrospect.
There’s no destiny or luck.
Probability favors no one.
If you feel it’s biased,
You should take a step back.
The chain of events will appear if you look hard enough.


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