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Day ten of NaPoWriMo. The prompt for today is to write a portrait of someone important to me. I chose to write about a close friend and his courageous act which left quite an impression on me.


This happened during post graduation,
When I was swamped with student seminars.
Sales promotions and public relations,
Was my topic, I was ill prepared.


My preparation was only half way,
With a few minutes left for my turn.
I had to make the best, of my time.
There wasn’t going to be an escape.


Student seminars were quite important,
The assessment will impact your grade.
Discretion of the present reader,
Could not be questioned once decided.


Due to this power, students avoid,
Disagreeing with the reader most times.
This day would prove to be quite different,
As I made my way up with my notes.


A few minutes into my seminar,
The reader requested me to stop.
He asked me how much time, I prepared,
Why I hadn’t made a presentation?


My flimsy defenses were crumbling,
I refused to fully surrender.
The reader called for an instant poll,
Asking if anyone understood.


This was a common tactic employed,
As nobody ever disagrees.
We looked around the class for raised hands,
We were shocked to see a single hand.


Resisting alone for a lost cause,
My friend said that he could understand.
The reader questioned my stumbling way.
My friend then ascribed that to my style.


The rare conflict was soon laid to rest.
I would prepare and present again.
The next day the reader praised my work.
The harm done to my pride, now restored.


That day would always stay in my head.
That selfless gesture I can’t forget.
I won’t have done it for anyone,
Surely not the person that I was.


This was more than a decade ago.
I still meet my friend, who stood for me.
I wish someday I could show resolve.
To do a deed, as noble as that.


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