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Day twelve of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt involves alliterations and assonance. Though these are basic concepts, I’ve always found them to be tricky. So I chose to write about something tricky.


IFLA infographic based on Factcheck.org’s 2016 article “How to Spot Fake News” 

The noise on news networks every night,
Grow louder as the show standards flounder.
Views dressed as news addressed to confuse,
The masses, who then make up their minds.

Harmless it feels, who can it hurt now?
Feelings foster hate, that fester rage.
Carefully crafted campaigns can cause,
Damage that can put lives in danger.

Daily dose of drama’s made us numb.
Shocking shameful stories get a sigh,
No reason’s given for what is done,
Feelings trump facts in a forged news-dump.


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