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The Creator

Day fourteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a ‘clerihew’. I remember this prompt from two years ago. I had wrote this one about fictional personalities. I’m inclined to write about fictional personalities now as well. I later decided to write about real people who are great at creating fictional characters.


J. K. Rowling,
Doesn’t take kindly to trolling.
You don’t want to mess with a woman of magic,
If you have to do, then please use some logic.

J. R. R. Tolkien,
Built worlds that you wish could be seen.
Minas Tirith became a crowdfunding campaign,
All that effort turned out to be in vain.

George R. R. Martin,
Excels in writing about sin.
The dragons, the undead, merely a smokescreen,
For gripping drama on pages and on the TV screen.

Stephen King,
Did I hear the floorboard creaking?
The most powerful necromancer of our time,
Not many write over 50 novels in a lifetime.

Douglas Adams,
Trilogies can have addendums.
Towels will never be the same again,
The ruler of the universe doesn’t have a name.


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