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Day eighteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem with neologisms (made up words). 

Have you wondered how language develops?

From where or from whom do the new words come.

The dictionary addcludes existing words,

Inventing words are left to the public.

Like Shakespeared words, some are made by writers.

Instant messaging spawned a lota words.

New abbs and mods are born on every day.

Much to the dismay of the puritans.

Misspelt words gradually become alt spells,

What’s frowned on yester is norm on morrow.

Shortened spells sometimes confuse than save time.

There’s hardly a point to resist thonslaught.

The new world’s a nitemaer for English teachs.

When yep, yup, yeah, ya, s, mean the same thing.

When two letter words are shortened to one,

U vonder how far it cn rlly go.

R letters da nu words sometimes u think.

B4 nos made en3 in2 words.

How long before emojis take over?

Will language itself become gesture based?


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