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Unheard Conversation

Day twenty one of NaPoWriMo requires me to write about an overheard conversation or a phrase. As the name suggests, I chose to write about something I didn’t hear.

I was back from a full-day team outing,

Getting to a night time half marathon.

I stopped for a snack at a fast food joint.

One last meal to help me finish the run.

Probably not what my body required,

Not my first time explains complacency.

After a full day of overeating,

Maybe my stomach should’ve earned some rest.

Better to be stuffed than starving I thought,

With that happy thought, I stepped out of there.

I noticed someone standing in my way,

She had her head down, talking on the phone.

She looked up, as I was walking past her,

I recognized her as an ex-colleague.

I flashed a smile at her instinctively,

She smiled back too, but I froze in my stride.

There was a teardrop streaking down her cheek,

Her eyes appeared full, signalling more tears.

Should I keep walking as she was on call?

Should I stop to check if she was alright?

By then I had walked a little ahead,

Our eyes were locked, her phone still in her ear.

I walked away without interference,

Wondering what she might be talking about.


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