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Concrete Landscape

Day twenty two of NaPoWriMo required me to write a georgic. As I have gotten used to, I thought about twisting the prompt and writing an antithesis of a georgic with hopefully, a satirical feel.

Better weapons and a stronger army,

Is what every developing country needs.

A strong economy enables this,

Through a rapid industrialization.

Industries may rise, where farmlands once stood,

Efficient farmers can work with less space.

Mining and timber industries must thrive,

Forests and environment won’t take us far.

Animal rights, tribal rights and the like,

Are stumbling blocks in the path of progress.

Activism thwarts our poor entrepreneurs,

From making the best of what nature gives.

Development sometimes needs trees to be cut,

We’re free to plant trees in another place.

Tribes and key animals can be shifted,

Should they come in the way of our progress.

We all know global warming is a hoax,

Those activists want to halt our progress.

They hate our country and our great progress,

We trust in money to take us forward.


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