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Animal Kingdom Returns

Day twenty four of NaPoWriMo challenges to write a poetry inspired by the marginalia on medieval manuscripts. 

Humans have ruled the planet for too long,

Changing it in everyway that seemed right,

The greed and recklessness was bound to cost,

As always, the price will have to be paid.

Agriculture was where we started off,

Modifying plants to be our food crops.

Claiming the land from all other life forms,

Establishing a total dominance.

Most of the danger has come from ourselves,

Something we create will most certainly,

Be responsible for our final doom,

It could be happening now, we just don’t know.

We have been trying our best to make this place,

More hazardous for our own survival.

We refuse to see the wrongs that we’ve done.

Our selfish greed puts us ahead of all.

Our opinions are now better than facts,

What’s more profitable seems to be right.

Critiques are met with personal attacks,

People in power can’t seem to be wrong.

As we head slowly to imminent doom,

Maybe the future is not all that bleak.

Life like all things must go through ups and downs,

Life will bounce back once humans are extinct.

Moss and shrubs will grow over the concrete,

Wild plants and trees will reclaim the farmlands.

Freeflowing water may change the landscape,

Climate will improve and life shall flourish.

Time will slowly erase all evidence,

Of a spicies that killed itself with greed.


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