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Age of the Ancients

Day twenty six of NaPoWriMo is a challenge to write about an object from a far off perspective. I hope my poem makes sense to the reader in terms of the object and the perspective.


PC: searchstorage.techtarget.com

After years of rigorous research,

Our scholars have uncovered secrets.

The strange object with the metal edge,

Has hidden in it secrets from past.

It has languages that we don’t speak,

There are beings that we haven’t yet seen.

It could be history or our future,

It speaks of prophecies yet to come.

It shows a time when trees come to life,

Humanoids as big as trees fight wars.

A race of people with pointy ears,

People in different sizes and shapes.

Surely such a time is yet to come,

Most of such beings have never been seen.

There’s an old man in a pointy hat,

Who appears to be our guiding light.

There’s also this ring that’s important,

It’s destruction alone can save us.

Let’s be wary of strange looking rings,

Let’s wait for our savior in white robes.


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