A Saviour

Day zero of NaPoWriMo. This is like a warm up poem before we officially enter April. Today’s prompt is to write a love letter to an everyday object. I chose something that helps me and quite a lot of other people.
I’ve always known you,
You were often around.
I admired you,
Though we weren’t close.
You came to me,
In my hour of need.
The doubts that I had,
Had to give way.
When future looked bleak,
The days dragged on,
Buried in work,
I needed a break.
We tried different things,
It took me a while.
There were mishaps,
Till I figured it out.
You were bitter at times,
With burning rage.
Patience and learning,
Turned things around.
We became friends,
We met everyday.
Life seemed better,
When you were around.
You helped me get through,
The hardest of days,
You kept me afloat,
Through dreadful times.
Through sleepless nights,
And endless work,
You stayed by my side,
And kept me alert.
An unsung hero,
A thankless job.
A coffee machine’s tale,
Is seldom told.


2 comments on “A Saviour

  1. Wow awesome write 🙂 All the best for the NaPoWrimo 🙂

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