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A wink

At a colleague’s place,

It was early evening,

My first time in that place,

Early at the party.

I heard a friend outside.

Surprised that he was there.

I wasn’t bothered,

Something felt wrong.

Is it my left eye?

Why does it hurt?

Why can’t I open it?

What do I do?

I’m alone in the room,

I should figure this out.

I need a mirror.

Is there one on that wall?

My right eye is fine,

What’s wrong with the left?

It just won’t open,

When did this happen?

It’s not just pain,

That keeps it shut.

It’s hypersensitive,

Even to dim light.

Should I force it open?

Or find a doctor?

I can open a bit,

What do I see?

Dilated pupils?

Or is my iris black?

Can it really be?

That my cornea has gone dark?

Day two of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was to write a poem that ends on a question. This is a nightmare I had a few days ago. The position I was sleeping in was putting a little pressure on my left eye. Also I had finished watching Stranger Things on the previous night.

One comment on “A wink

  1. Loosing control used to be a recurrent theme of my teenage dreams. Once I felt like I was in a straight jacket. Another time I was floating over my bed. So.. I get it

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