Resist, Persist, Perish. Day thirty of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt was to write a minimalist poem. With this I have completed my seventh consecutive NaPoWriMo.


I was not an ideal student, I was not too naughty either. Minor offences added up, To make a villain out of me. I used to get thrown out of class, I’d often get a caning too. All of that I learned to handle. The one thing that I dreaded most, Was when they’d ask […]


I’d select two words that rhyme, And stick them at the end of two lines. Those were my first attempts at poetry. I’ve been hiding behind the forms, The rhyme schemes and syllable counts, Were mathematical challenges. It was a bit like playing Scrabble, The insightful glimpse into the soul, The imagery that transports you […]

Your time will come

I know that things have been getting worse now, You’re not used to trust issues and hatred. You’ve been trying to fix everything somehow, Revenge is not the path you choose to tread. The events over the past few years changed, You to a person you won’t recognize. From your old optimism you feel estranged. […]

A Better Job

I took the first job that I got, T’was not what I wanted to do, It did not pay enough either. I’d leave it for a better job. I spent five years at the next job, Which was longer than I planned for. But that’s how long it took for me, To find myself a […]

Seasonal Change

In most parts of South India, There are only two seasons. A long and drawn out summer, Interrupted by monsoon rains. Then there are days like today, When the morning was a pain. Being under a burning sun, The clothes cling to your body. You yearn for wind or water. Or even a bit of […]

Creative Liberty

I’ve always loved historic movies, A world that’s caught in a simpler time. The costumes and the architecture, A glimpse into how we used to live. The one movie that I loved the most, Wasn’t so special, once I had learned, That it wasn’t too true to history. Timeline of events had been messed with. […]