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Hidden in plain sight

Day twelve of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a haibun.

I was on the phone with a friend. I noticed a beautiful building. Was it a monument, a tomb of some emperor? I walked closer. It had more visitors than a monument. It turned out to be the post office. The high court looked like a monument too. Then I noticed a building that seemed a lot different. A different kind of architecture. Nobody inside or around it. It looked abandoned but still important. A forgotten monument? I edged closer to find out that it was a tower of silence.

Built out of islands,

The city is full of life,

Always on the move.

It’s hot and humid,

Except on the windy shore,

Where you feel serene.

You can walk around,

Take in all the sights and sounds,

Try local cuisine.

A local train trip,

Is a unique experience,

That should not be missed.

The sea has turned black,

People keep on pouring in,

The city lives on.

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Post dated

Day eleven of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is a message to my future self. I wrote a message to my past self a few days ago.

Life often takes you to strange places,

I can’t have imagined being here,

A few years ago the plans I had,

Would’ve taken me some place else.

I can’t imagine where you are,

I can’t help but wonder about,

How much you would’ve changed by now.

I hope you have more of a drive,

I hope you now know what you want,

I hope you stayed in touch with friends,

Can you still eat everything you want?

Can you still run a full marathon?

Or play a good game of football?

Are there people you can count on?

And people who can count on you?

Or are you living for yourself?

You could blame me for what you are,

Have no regrets, there’s still time left.

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A day in the park

Day ten of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write about things happening simultaneously.

A rare connection with nature,

Blades of grass were poking my palms.

Twigs and leaves crackled when I moved,

I steered clear of insects in there,

I didn’t realize I was a guest.

My hands could not stay still at all,

Breaking twigs and uprooting grass,

Destruction on a tiny scale.

Terrorizing the local fauna.

Some climbed on me to get respite,

They kept getting swatted away.

Destruction is human nature,

It manifests in different ways.

The grass will certainly grow back,

There’ll be new twigs and leaves again,

Nature eventually takes back.

Even plastic decomposes,

The earth will outlast humanity.

Life will outlast humanity too.

Our stay is a day in the park.

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Day nine of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem in which something big and something small come together.

Life can be hard despite our best attempts,

Sometimes the world seems to be against you.

You can’t seem to get anything right at all,

Murphy’s law starts to make sense more and more.

You try to survive, you gave up on hope.

All it takes is a random act of kindness.

For a moment you feel like you’ve been saved.

All troubles go away for a moment.

A kind word, a helping hand, a warm hug,

A hand on your shoulder, show of support,

A person who listens, a well timed joke.

Through gesture or words, kindness strikes a blow,

Can knock down problems, that you normally dread.

It will not at once make things better,

It cannot assure, troubles won’t return,

It’s a moment of clarity or delusion,

Depends on the reality that’s facing you.

It gives you courage and hope for the fights,

That seemed you would not be able to face.

Be kind to people who are in your life.

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Wizard in the woods

Day eight of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem incorporating supernatural elements.

Back in the school that I went to,

There were woods that was off limits.

A fort, two graveyards, two churches,

And the sea were around the school.

There were legends all around us.

The fort had some secret tunnels.

The graveyard of course was haunted.

Some kid had died in the old church.

The woods were most mysterious though.

An elusive wizard lived there.

No one quite knew what he looked like.

He is said to have helped some folks.

While some doubted his existence.

I had no doubts about him though,

Because I was his co-creator.

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Note to self

Day seven of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a poem that’s a conversation between different facets of yourself. This is a conversation between the current version and a fifteen year old version of myself.

Have you thought about your future?

Of course everyday.

So what do you want to do then?

I’ll run a business.

You know you’ll need money for that?

I could take a loan.

What happens when you don’t get one?

I’ll earn the money.

What would you do to earn that much?

I’ll do freelance work.

You’ll save enough money from that?

Yes, I’ll earn plenty.

What will you do with the excess?

I’ll give it away.

Why do you want to freelance though?

I don’t want a boss.

What freelance work will you be doing?

I can click photos.

But, do you have a camera yet?

No but I’ll buy one.

You seem to have all the answers?

And you, the questions.

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Cost of living

Day six of NaPoWriMo. I’m lagging behind again. Today’s prompt is to write while testing your comfort zone about using line breaks.

Time used to fly,

I wasn’t doing anything at all.

Yet I felt tired,

All the time.

I stayed at home for weeks.

I wasn’t even sleeping well.

I thought, I’ll make it on my own,

I thought I had skills that people would want.

I didn’t need a job,

I could freelance and also depend on my savings.

The latter part happened, at least till it lasted.

Then reality hit.

Mounting bills and credit card debts.

I couldn’t find takers for my skills,

The freelancer path was not for me, I neither had skills, nor the drive, that would keep me afloat without a job.

Part time jobs helped a bit,

It was clearly not a long term solution though.

I sent mails to every company I could find,

A full time job was the only way out.

It’s probably the only thing that’ll keep me alive as long as it takes. Stints in office interrupted by weekends is a summary of life.