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Age of the Ancients

Day twenty six of NaPoWriMo is a challenge to write about an object from a far off perspective. I hope my poem makes sense to the reader in terms of the object and the perspective. After years of rigorous research, Our scholars have uncovered secrets. The strange object with the metal edge, Has hidden in […]

The Creator

Day fourteen of NaPoWriMo. Today’s prompt is to write a ‘clerihew’. I remember this prompt from two years ago. I had wrote this one about fictional personalities. I’m inclined to write about fictional personalities now as well. I later decided to write about real people who are great at creating fictional characters. J. K. Rowling, […]

Contemporary Mythology

Day eight of NaPoWriMo. The prompt for today is to write a Palinode. A palinode is where you retract an earlier statement in an earlier poem. Or if you are not such a prolific poet you could simply write about your change in stance. Looked down upon by a lot of adults, Fantasy doesn’t always […]